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10 reasons why you need a website for your Pinterest monetization projects?

If you have ever tried running a website on your own, you probably know how hard it is to get consistent website traffic from people interested in your niche. This, combined with other obstacles you might meet along the way such as ranking first on the search engines, are only some of the reasons why a very large number of websites across the Web fail. Pinterest monetization projects can help website owners.

When you run, own and manage a website for your business, it is very important to have a comprehensive strategy even before you launch your website. Having a detailed strategy will guide you and will help you to figure out your next steps. 

An essential part of this website strategy is your Social presence. And more specifically, choosing the right Social Media platform to cross-promote your website.  One great way to bring more traffic to your website is by promoting your content on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Although it is considered a Social Media platform, Pinterest is more than that. It is an excellent SEO tool that also serves as a search engine. With the help of keywords and object recognition software, Pinterest categorizes its content in order to show the most relevant posts (pins) when people search for them. 

The platform is highly dependent on visual content. On Pinterest, you can create personal and public boards to share your own content and find other relevant material. Companies and individuals use it to find inspiring material, promote their products and learn more about the buying behaviour of their target audience.

What makes Pinterest beneficial for your website?

Pinterest can be helpful for your business in more than one way. Many companies have used the platform to bring more traffic to their websites and eCommerce stores. Since Pinterest is a visual platform, creating pinnable images for every one of your articles/products is a MUST. Once added to the platform, your content can be viewed by you and will show up in search results made by others. This is a great way to attract new people to your website. 

you need to use Pinterest for your website

Do you need to use Pinterest for your website?

There are many reasons why Pinterest is a great opportunity for most businesses. If you are still not convinced that Pinterest is the right choice, here are 10 reasons why you need a website for your Pinterest monetization projects:

1. Bring traffic to your website for free.

Pinterest is a very effective tool to use if you want to drive more traffic to your website. You can use the platform to build an audience and share your content with them.  But in order to get more traffic from Pinterest, it is important to create and reshare (repin) good content. 

You can also experiment with different visuals to see which image performs best. Creating quality content will help you get more user engagement in the form of likes, comments, follow and repins. The key is to make attractive pins that more people will see and click on to visit your website.

2. Learn more about your audience - their demographics and interests

With Pinterest Analytics, you can learn a lot about your audience - what are they like and what are the things they love. As well as find out what inspires them. The platform gives you the opportunity to see what your followers like in order to understand your audience better. 

You can use this information to position and plan your offers, products, and events. Or you can use the insights to create a buying persona of your ideal customer - their demographics (age, gender, location) and interests.

Use Pinterest to rank higher

3. Use Pinterest to rank higher and faster on Google and other search engines

Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a sure way to get noticed by the search engines, including Google. But make sure you have an optimized Pinterest account and your board description consists of relevant keywords to your niche.

Pinterest can help you land on the first page of Google. But in order to do so, you will have to share quality content. If you pin and repin high-quality content that other people find interesting or useful, there is a very big chance to get repinned by many others. More repins will increase your website traffic.

If the Pinterest algorithm finds you relevant enough to rank for a specific keyword, your Pinterest traffic will also increase. With the traffic increase, you will rank up higher on Google and you might even get to the first page for some of your keywords.

4. Get more exposure

Many people use Pinterest to seek inspiration or find great products. A lot of them tend to share their findings with their Pinterest followers. Every repin increases your account exposure and visibility. As well as every pin has the potential to be repinned by others. More repins can result in more website traffic, an increase in sales and leads or get your Pinterest followers.

Either way, it is important to share your content but also repin from other creators. Pinterest likes quality pins, so don’t be afraid to reshare from others. This would not damage your brand’s credibility but will show Pinterest that you are a quality pinner and this will increase your exposure.

Remember to brand your boards. Make sure to style your board so they can reflect your company and the audience you want to attract. This will help people recognize your brand and style, so they can easily find you from their home feed.

sales using Pinterest

5. Increase your sales using Pinterest

You can use the platform to promote your content and increase your sales. Pinterest is a powerful platform for businesses because it simplifies the decision-making process of a customer. Visitors, coming from the platform are more likely to convert into leads or purchase from your website. The reason for that is because Pinterest makes it easy for people to find something and go directly to the source.

At the end of the day, Pinterest is one big, visual search engine. If you create catchy and attractive content for your followers and other people who find your content relevant, you will get a lot of website visitors, some of which will convert into sales.

6. Find the latest trends

On Pinterest, you can spend some time getting to know your niche and competition. Looking at other Pinterest accounts and boards in your industry can be very beneficial for your marketing effort.

You will be able to learn more about what your potential customers will want to see from you, what do they like as well as get a feeling of what inspires them. This can help you create pins that convert better and even help you improve your website layout, design, and user experience.

Note: A lot of people use Pinterest on their phone, so having a mobile-friendly website is very important.

Pinterest to showcase your products

7. Use Pinterest to showcase your products

Pinterest can be very useful for your website shop, online business, and eCommerce store. You can use the platform to showcase your work. By using Pinterest as your portfolio, you will be able to make your products more accessible for people who may otherwise not see or find them.

If people like your products they can go directly to your pin’s URL address and buy it or browse more of your collection directly on your website. This will increase the time people spend on your page.

8. Get more inbound links.

Every pin consists of an image and a link. When you include a link to your pin, you make it easier to lead it back to the source of the image. You can use Pinterest to get more inbound links for your website. This will be very beneficial for your SEO and can help you rank higher on both - Google and Pinterest.

Network with other Pinterest users

9. Network with other Pinterest users

One of the many reasons why I like Pinterest as a platform is because of the networking opportunities it offers. Group boards are a great example. You can create boards with other creators on Pinterest who are in your niche and share your content with all of your followers there.

Think of them as small communities of people interested in your niche. Group boards can be very effective and can cause a chain of repins that can boost your profile and website. 

Skyrocket your brand

10. Skyrocket your brand

Pinterest can make your brand and website popular. The content you post on other Social networks such as Instagram and Twitter has a relatively small lifespan. For example, one Instagram post gets most of its engagement in the first 48 hours after it is posted. This is not the case for Pinterest.

Unlike other Social Media platforms, your content can go viral months after you have originally posted it. Pins can be rediscovered and repinned by others up to 4 months after they were initially posted. Especially if they are optimized with hashtags and relevant keywords.

It is worth to have a Pinterest account for your business for so many good reasons. Are there any disadvantages of using Pinterest for business?

1. Pinterest can be very time consuming

Pinterest requires a lot of time and effort in order to provide high-quality content for your audience. It takes time to learn the type of content your audience enjoys and testing different graphics is only part of the process. And time is something a lot of businesses don’t have.

Although you can automate Pinterest to a great extent with the help of Tailwind, you will still have to keep an eye on your profile performance, audience insights, and latest trends.

2. Not every board is business-oriented 

Ideally, you want your content to be repinned by other people within your niche and attract new people to your brand. However, because Pinterest is a public platform, you have limited control over who reshare your content and the way your content is being spread. Not every board is business-oriented and sometimes your content can go places you don’t want it to go.

But if you use relevant keywords, create good content and focus on one niche, you should not find it too hard to get results on Pinterest. One thing that can help you get better results on Pinterest and Google is choosing the right domain name for your website.

right domain name for your business

Where can you find the right domain name for your business? 

Pinterest. If you still don’t have a domain name, you can find inspiration on Pinterest. Once you select a category that you are interested in, you will be able to search for terms (keywords) through the Pinterest search bar or find boards with names that match your niche. With a little bit of creativity and matchmaking, you will be able to come up with a domain name that is relevant for your niche and audience. 

Browse on domain websites. Another place where you can seek inspiration and mix different combinations of words is if you go on websites that offer domain and hosting services. 

A great example of a website that will help you with domain selection is Sedo. You can browse different domain suggestions and sort them by traffic, cost and relevance. You can test keywords that you have found on Pinterest and see which combination you like the best.

You can see some examples of Pinterest categories domain names using the .Guru domain extension on Sedo by clicking here. One of the examples attracting interest is scrapbooking.guru. 

Why do you need to choose a niche domain name for your website?

It is important to choose a domain name that is easy to recognize but it is also directly connected to your niche and keywords. This will help your website to rank faster on Pinterest and Google, which will bring organic and social traffic to your website without investing a fortune in online advertising. 

In Conclusion

Using Pinterest for your business and linking it your website can be an amazing experience for your online presence. There are certain challenges that you will meet in your Pinterest journey but with time, you will be able to find solutions to these problems and make the most of your presence on the platform.

But if you optimize your account and boards, your brand will become very easy to discover. In addition, if you post and curate great content, this will increase your website traffic, boost your sales and increase your leads. If you can take advantage of this platform and the many benefits it has to offer, you will not regret it.

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